What is Roost

Roost is a resource developed by the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) to aid in the gathering of information on bat roost mitigation, compensation and enhancement techniques. The aim is for this site to provide accessible information to support everyone involved in bat conservation and development. The site is particularly useful for those involved in projects which require mitigation for loss of bat roosts, and for those who wish to provide additional resources for bats in buildings.

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NEWS: The Roost Awards submission deadline has moved to 31 March 2014. This is to provide users more time over the quieter winter months to submit their case studies.

Case Studies Real Examples and Evidence

Former Psychiatric Hospital Pavilion
Brown long-eared bat - (Plecotus...
Robert Bell - E...,
34 weeks 2 days ago
Hampton House, Malvern.
Lesser horseshoe bat - (R. hipposideros)
1 year 18 weeks ago
Case Study Image
Natterer's bat - (M. nattereri)
1 year 31 weeks ago

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