Monitoring and success

Post-development population monitoring of bats is essential to determine the success or favourable response to mitigation.

Important considerations are:

  • Start planning your monitoring as soon as you know it will be necessary (e.g. as soon as you know that a mitigation licence will be required)
  • Make sure that you can measure, see and access the things to be monitored (e.g. if the mitigation includes a building or bat boxes, make sure you can get to the mitigation feature to look inside for signs of bats)
  • Use the same monitoring methods pre- and post-development (for easier trend comparison)
  • Ensure that all monitoring, including compliance checks, is specified in mitigation plans
  • Outline who is responsible for undertaking monitoring, when and by what means
  • Send monitoring results to the appropriate licensing body

Compliance checks

 Compliance checks provide efficient, rapid means of determining the extent to which a mitigation project has satisfied its associated conditions.

  • Ensure that mitigation proposals include a requirement for a compliance check by Ecological Consultants
  • Ensure that compliance checks are undertaken by Ecological Consultants during and after the installation of mitigation, and that the results are provided to the relevant authority

Measures of success

Measurement of success is an important part of any mitigation project. In terms of mitigation, success can be determined by looking at two elements:

  1. Whether or not the proposed mitigation measures have been implemented as originally specified
  2. Whether or not bats or signs of occupation by bats are present at the time of assessment. In this case, 'bats' refers to the species for which the mitigation was designed

The elements are easy to check and to measure and there are obvious reasons for choosing them. For example, unless improvements are discovered at the implementation stage, mitigation should be created as per the specification; if it is implemented as specified, then the project is successful in this respect.

Please consult the report of the Snowdonia National Park Bat Mitigation Pilot Project (in the Publications section of this site) for more detail.